Monday, January 12, 2009

Big 4-month-old girl!

This four-month-old beauty is mastering the fine art of chewing on her toys which she does with gusto. She can be real calm and quiet....stick a toy in her mouth and she starts jabbering really loud.

She was hanging out watching tv with her daddy after her nummy yummy breakfast bottle.

Here she is spending time with her Grandma. We are very glad that they got to see each other again. Her Grandma is very sick and about to leave for Texas to seek cancer treatment =(

Here she is kicked back in Momma's chair...relaxing with her dodie after coming back from visiting with her Grandma, Grams & Nina.

Skylar has started becoming very expressive with her eyes lately. Look at these bug-eyed baby blues.

My little beauty looks like she is looking up at herself making googly eyes. Kind of reminds me of the opening and closing credits of The Brady Bunch. "Here's the story..."

I accidentally came across this adorable easter jumper in her top dresser drawer the other day. I had completely forgotten about it. I was afriad that it wouldn't fit as she is starting to wear 6-9 month-old clothes now and this outfit is 3-6 month. I was pleased that I was able squeeze her in it. I might be able to get a couple more days out of it.

Just chillin' with her dodie.

Baby Potato Head. We're hoping one day she'll eventually grow some hair that you can actually "see".