Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 1/2-month-old with clothes on

Wearing her black crushed velvet jumper. She threw up on it right after I took this picture.

Numming on her hands because Momma misplaced her dodie.

All clean and smelling purdy after her bath.

What was that you sayed Momma?

Skylar in her underbritches. She wears a thin onsie under everything.

Skylar in her jammies and ready to go ni-night.

Fat naked baby!

Let this be the proof to everyone that my baby girl is a little chunker. She's got rolls on her rolls. Look at those baby boobies! She needs a tiny brazier.

Lately she is fascinated with her tongue like she just realized it's there and can stick it out and point it to the left or to the right or slide it across my lips suddenly when Momma goes to kiss her.

Our latest bathtub shot. Look how big she has gotten! I can remember when she was swallowed by the size of her bath chair and now she's almost too big for it. Please note the wash rag strategically placed over her bajingo area....we wouldn't want to be accused of posting baby porn.

Look at my big girl ready for her bath. I'm hoping her birthmark will shrink and fade.

Ready to get in the bathtub and get cleaned up after she pooped and puked all over herself.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Five months old

This smile melts my heart every single day.

She went down for her nap with her Lovey Bunny. I caught her kissing (slobbering on) it a few times.

She is wearing mostly 6-9 month old clothes though there have been a few things that she's just too chunky for. Here she can finally wear the outfit that Auntie Acia & Unkie James bought her.

She clasps her hands a lot like she's praying. Each day her hand/eye coordination gets a little better.

She was sitting in her new walker that looks like a space car. She loves it though her feet can't touch the floor yet. There's still some pretty cool gadgets for her to play with on it.