Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Six-months-old on 3/7/09!

Watching t.v. from Momma's chair Friday night before we went away for the weekend.

In the car in the driveway getting ready to take off on our drive to Dave and Christine's house in Chickamauga for cousin Renata's baby shower. Daddy rigged up her dvd player on the back of the passenger seat and she watched The Backyardigans all the way there. Well, except for those brief moments when she was "resting her eyes."

We stopped at a truck stop just before getting on the interstate so the dogs could pee. Skylar stretched out in the back and got her panties changed. She kicked and talked the whole time with wide eyes...watching all the activity going on in the parking lot.

At the party sitting outside on Daddy's that little pouty face.

At Grammy & Peepaws house waiting to eat her breakfast of peaches and rice cereal. Yum!

After breakfast she played in her space car while Momma, Grammy and Peepaw looked on.

We decided to let Daddy go back to bed and we went with Grammy and Peepaw for a drive to Murphy, North Carolina to go to Wal Mart. Until they open the new Blairsville store this fall that's where Grammy has to go to do her Wal Mart shopping.

After we came back from North Carolina we picked up Daddy and we all went to Cobb's Mill for lunch. The name of the restaurant is actually Antonietta's now but we still refer to it by it's previous name. It's a family-run restaurant with great food. Momma forgot to bring Skylar a bottle so Grammy ordered her some mashed potatoes which she totally objected to. She kept spitting them out I'm guessing because of the texture. She continued to have a fit so after we ate our salads we got them to box up our lunches and we took them home so the princess could have her bottle.

When we got back home to our house Daddy hung up her new swing on the back porch before he had to go to work. She absolutely LOVES the swing and has spent many hours in it over the last three days. I can see we'll be spending a lot of time outside this summer!