Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

Momma and Skylar have this new thing where we sit side by side at the computer...she in her daddy's chair and I in mine. Friday evening she sat there all content-like and amused herself with an empty water bottle for about fifteen minutes. Those of you who know my daughter know that fifteen minutes for her to be focused on any one thing is a monumental achievement for her. I took a video (which I will try to post later to our videos page) where she is hitting herself with the water bottle and then belly laughing because she thought it was so funny. I think she's about ready to start holding her own bottle. Yay for me!

Reading (more like, looking and slobbering all over) the back cover of her Hannah Montana CD kept her busy for another five minutes until she got mad at Miley Cyrus and threw her on the floor!

Saturday morning she nibbled on a cracker before her breakfast. Most of this cracker ended up a mushy mess on the end of her nose.

Saturday night she sat on the couch all dressed up pretty waiting to go to Tina's birthday party.

Sitting on Daddy's lap....waiting for John to finish grilling the steaks on the grill for the fajitas!

After we came home from having a great time at Tina's party Skylar got in her jammies (aren't they adorable?) and laid in Momma's chair watching Wow Wow Wubzy play kickety kick ball.

Sunday afternoon we met Aunt Sharon, Susie, Donnie, Steven, Ally, Ashley, Caitlin, Marla, Randy and Levi at Applebees in Dawsonville for lunch. We got together for multiple reasons. One was to celebrate Mother's Day but also because it was Ally's birthday and Steven was leaving for boot camp the next day. Skylar had a great time reading the menu. She's such a big girl.

Here she is having a taste of Momma's steak.

What's that Momma? can not have your steak back.....nummy num.

This is her grouchy "I-just-woke-up" face.